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Empowerment is one of The 234 Project’s values and Employability Incubator is a program that stirs to empower young Nigerians, hence we partnered with CampusLabs to sponsor Employability Incubator.

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Employability | Competence | Career

(Target Demographic = Tertiary Institution Students)

This program is a workplace readiness program designed to equip young people with the competencies required for the 21st century’s workplace demands. 301 young Nigerians( fresh graduates and undergraduates) applied and 70 applicants were meritoriously selected to partake in the classroom sessions and interactions with seasoned facilitators.  They were paired with mentors from different parts of the world and also had job shadowing experience (Internship). The program included a community impact component, where participants get to design solutions and engage in a community development project of their choice- the goal was to expose young people to the benefits of being socially responsible citizens. 

What Is It All About?

The team at The 234 project has been supporting the development of employability skills for young people and adults, as well supporting individuals to move into the workplace. We deliver a range of employability support programmes in Nigeria.

How it Ended

This 8 weeks program beautifully ended with a graduation/ cocktail event where participants presented their projects, received graduation certificates, and networked with diverse industry executives.

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Employability Incubator Class


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