Data for Learning Challenge

The 234 Data for Learning Challenge is specifically designed to encourage young Nigerian’s use of the internet for learning purposes.


Want to Help?

There are multiple avenues through which you can contribute to the promotion of Our Scholarships. By clicking on the button below, you have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the education of young girls. Your donation will help empower and uplift girls, enabling them to excel in coding and technology fields.

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(Target Demographic = Tertiary Institution Students)

This Challenge is one of the innovative ways that The 234 Project supports education in Nigeria. In this challenge, The 234 Project’s social media followers are engaged with diverse questions and the winners get rewarded with a 10Gb data subscription.

What Is It All About?

This challenge is curated as a means of providing scholarship opportunities to tertiary school students in Nigeria. The first season of this challenge kicked off last year in November with entries from students across Nigeria.

Internet Data To Be Won

We consistently roll out 234 Data challenges to promote online learning and positive use of the internet among Nigerian youth. From 2020 till now, The 234 Project has given out over 40,000 GB of data to students across Nigeria to encourage online learning. Together, we engage and mobilise households, communities, and organisations to align the long-term interests of nature, people and the economy.


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