Reusable Sanitary Pad

Having access to period products is essential for teenage girls. Unfortunately, many girls around the world face what is known as “period poverty.” This means they cannot afford to buy period products or do not have access to them.

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(Target Demographic = Secondary School Students)

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What Is It All About?

Period poverty has a serious impact on teenage girls. It prevents them from going to school, and participating in sports and social activities, and can cause health problems. They may also find it difficult to talk to their parents or friends about their feelings around periods, leaving them with a sense of shame and isolation. The 234 Project aims to help tackle Period Poverty among girls in Nigeria.

Reusable Sanitary Pads Project

The Reusable Sanitary Pad Project was one of the outstanding impact pitches that caught the attention of The 234 Project team during the 2022 Employability Incubator event at Ibadan, Oyo State. The 234 Project worked with the Employability Incubator’s Mervin team to implement their community impact ideas by funding the production and distributuion of 1000 reusable sanitary pads to 500 underserved girls in 5 secondary schoolos in Oyo State, Nigeria. 

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